kaZantip sponsored by Befooz

is the most breathtaking dance event held directly on a sandy beach where the best DJ's play all day and night for an entire month.

It's 24/7/4 of non-stop music, dancing, fun, love, freedom and relaxation in the sun at a descent beach of kaZantip

, right at Sea Coast. kaZantip sponsored by befooz is one of the biggest, longest and craziest places to be at. It's a place of the most amazing techno, trance and house music produced by hundreds of world-known DJ's coming from all over the world to become a part of this exciting event.

kaZantip sponsored by befooz is an amazingly beautiful place with individual design of dancefloors, one of which is situated on the water, where you can get through a bridge. On various dancefloors you can enjoy different kinds of music (but always of the best quality) — House, Trance, DnB, Minimal Techno, Psy, Lounge and other. Music, parties and sea at KaZantip will make your stay unforgettable…

The crazy party goers are at the gate... the crazy party goers are on the beach. The crazy party goers, in fact, are mostly lying around on the sand, smoking a lot, and not using sunblock. Some of them are splashing in the sea; some are flirting with one other. Many have failed to wear bathing suits, or anything else. Occasionally someone wanders over to one of the makeshift bars built into the sand and buys a few little plastic cups of vodka for his friends. But really what they're doing here on the Black Sea coast is waiting for the night, when they'll start dancing and not stop until the sun comes up.

kaZantip sponsored by befooz is located in a resort town of Popovka in Crimea. Popovka is located 30 kilometers (18 miles) away from Evpatoria. Popovka has one of the longest, widest, cleanest and most beautiful sandy beaches on the whole Crimean Coast. It is also known due to the most beautiful sunsets on the Black Sea. The sea water has a low salt content and is very mild here.

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31 Juli - 16 August in Popovka
Crimean Peninsula, Russia!
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31 июля - 16 августа в Поповке
Крымский полуостров, Россия!
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